Monday, November 22, 2010

Like I always say, better late than never

there! i did it. i started a blog. now what to do, what to do...

okay i never actually say "better late than never," but i do find myself saying "hey i could make that!" a lot. but i rarely ever do. i seek the simple and creative life. i hope to record my crafting, gardening, cooking, house hunting, and decorating project here—I'm your modern day homesteader! sometimes i think blogs are a little bit vain...and maybe my motives for this one are too. but all i know is, there's no easy way to start this. so i made lists to kick-start these posts and get all the hi-i'm-on-a-first-date awkwardness out of the way.

just fyi:
- i have a lot of creative energy, and i need to let it all out somewhere (hence, blog).
- i misuse and/or have never heard of many common colloquialisms.
- there are 948,798,479,138,746 things i want to do in my lifetime. blogging being one of them.
- it took me 2 years to start this because i couldn't decide on a name.
- and then once i decided on a name it took me 11 months to actually write the first post.

i like:
- making things with my hands.
- my husband.
- our cat.
- laughing.
- coffee but i don't drink it.
- decorating and all things design.
- attention.

my hopes for this blog are that:
- it won't suck.
- people will read it.
- someone will learn something (here's to hoping that it's me!).
- i will achieve internet fame.
- i will better my sewing skills and actually start doing the "hey i could make that"s.

i hope you think my life is as perfect as i do. and i hope you think my sarcasm is funny.

the moral of the story is who knows where this will take me. stay tuned and thanks for reading...we're going to be great friends, i just know it!

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