Thursday, August 25, 2011

A warm welcome

Before we moved in our front porch was a pretty underutilized space. There was a lonely faux fern in a styrofoam container, and nothing else. Tasteful! 

What's made the biggest difference so far has been removing the shutter next to the door. Why anyone would cover a window in an already dark house is beyond me, but I don't understand a lot of the things that we going on in this house before we got here. It opens up the foyer a ton and has a nice retro look to it.



We polished the kick plate on the door (which is going to stay brass for now until the door gets painted), added a new rug, a wreath I made, and a plant stand my dad made out of a branch from our backyard. For now our patio set has a home here until the sun porch is done being our painting room.

We've got other plans for the front porch and front of the house including:

- painting the front door bright red
- refinishing the door hardware from brass to brushed nickel
- painting all the trim
- painting the brown wood panelling
- putting together the bench we purchased
- putting a cushion/pillows on the bench
- planting the big white pots we bought with herbs and flowers
- installing and planting hanging baskets
- buying and installing new lighting

That should be enough to keep us busy for a while!

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