Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been so long (again!) since my last post. From the looks of this blog, we haven't been working much on the ol' abode...but nothing could be farther from the truth! Between the holidays, travelling, and just life in general, I haven't quite gotten the knack of blogging in the free moments. But I'm hoping that will change this year. New Years resolution alert! I thought I'd share some decor and things I made this holiday season.

This is our mantle and tree loaded with gifts. The boughs on the mantle are real ones from the tree we cut down out front. That I haven't blogged about. I love the fresh pine smell but they drop so many needles! They especially spew a lot of needles when your cat yanks the entire thing onto the floor. Just sayin'. 

I actually made these trees last year and hid weights in the bottom to hold up our stockings. This year I just set them on the sofa table in the family room. I think they kind of look like Whoville trees.

I cut out some felt circles of different styles and sewed them together in one continuous stitch, and bing bam boom we have a garland. I think I'd like to make some with smaller circles close together for garland on the tree. Next year, next year.

I made this "snow globe" after seeing a few floating around the internet. It's an old relish jar, haha. I could probably spray paint the lid silver, but for this season it worked. I was pretty stoked when I saw something super similar at Anthropologie. Mine cost about $1. 

I saw an ornament like this on Pinterest and since I had a bag o' trees I decided to make one myself. It was hard getting the dang tree to stay in place! I ended up using a piece of paper clay and a dollop of glue.

Every year I like to make different gift tags. This year I went with felt ornaments slash tags that matched our cute wrapping paper from Target. I cut out simple triangles and decorated them in a similar way to the trees on the paper. I used a double layer of felt so you wouldn't see the embroidery thread through on the other side. It also gave them a little more heft so they could hang on the tree!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little sneak peek of our Christmas decor! Another resolution: post more than 18 times this year. Happy 2012!

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