Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Valentine's Day Wreath

I wanted to create a Valentine's Day wreath to brighten up our dark, faux wood front door—moving out of this lame apartment cannot happen soon enough! In the same vein as our everyday wreath (more on that later), I created a yarn wrapped wreath to mark the day.

I found a cute "love" cutout at Target, and used that as the basis for my inspiration. I started with a 10 inch straw wreath form and wrapped it in white yarn (got a while? It takes forrreverrrr). I made some hot pink flowers out of felt, and glued on some red brads and glittery pink buttons. To up the cute factor, I sewed a mini felt flag bunting...and of course my sewing machine didn't like that so I had to do it by hand! To hang the little guy I tied a thick satin aqua ribbon to give it a little edge—nothing can be 100% sweet, right!?

Shout out to B for listening to what probably felt like hours of "do you like this here?" and "what if I moved this over a little bit?". Thanks, buddy. I owe you one :)

I feel some more Valentine's decorations coming on!


Eadaoin said...

This is so pretty, I love the bunting strung across the middle. It should be prefect to brighten up your front door :)

CMYKrafty said...

Thank you so much!